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The Aveo BlackOpsAvionics division is a special branch that focuses primarily on OEM development of aircraft cockpit instruments, custom lighting solutions and special accessories solutions.

•  Rugged and Mil-Spec Compiant
•  DO-160 G Compliant
•  Custom Solutions
•  World’s Lowest EMI Bar None!
•  Faster, Better, Cheaper Solutions

Aveo is completely vertically integrated, and so its in-house technologies of electronics circuit design, optics, mechanical hardware design, and firmware/software skill sets make it uniquely equipped to solve customer requirements FASTER, BETTER and CHEAPER.

Aveo Engineering is a premiere aerospace lighting company and custom avionics development company that supplies unparalleled products to the biggest names in the global aerospace industry, including Boeing, Gulfstream, Embraer, Airbus, Saab, IAI, Elbit, Textron, Sikorsky, General Atomics, etc, etc. Should you have the need for a world-class and industry-leading solution development, Aveo Design Group team or Aveo’s BlackOpsAvionics team can help you achieve your vision in a rapid and efficient and most of all, affordable manner.

Our Locations

Aveo’s BlackOpsAvionics team has a highly talented team of industrial design, electronics and mechanical design, and software and hardware development experts in its own facilities spread over the globe, including at Aveo Florida, Aveo India, Aveo Germany, Aveo Slovakia and Aveo Czech Republic.

Some Example Projects

Contact Us

For custom project development discussions, please direct your correspondence to Christian Nielsen, at email address [javascript protected email address]

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